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Success story

Liucija Apanaviciute began her career in our company in May of 2014, during her apprenticeship in the Ground Service Department, where she helped her colleagues prepare documents, statistics, etc. After noticing Liucija's fast learning abilities, initiative and great desire to work in the company, the heads of the company decided to appoint her to be the Passenger service agent. Liucija also made a good impression when working with passengers - by always providing customer service with a smile, therefore she was soon transferred to the Personnel Department where she worked as an Assistant to the personnel. 

Considering the fact that Liucija was a student in the field of Transport and Logistics, in April of 2015 she was appointed to be a Transport manager in the Logistics Department, where she continued to further her career. 

At 2016 she was appointed Senior transport manager, and since the beggining of 2018 she is working as the Head of Logistics Division, managing the team, that provides transportation services of aviation fuel, petrol ad orher liquid ADR.

Liucija puts a lot of effort not only in her work, but in her studies as well. In 2015, she received the highest score (10 points) for her bachelor's thesis "Improvement of service quality in an aircraft ground handling company" and was awarded a bachelor's degree in transport and logistics at the International School of Law and Business.

The logistics department went through a stage of rapid development: when we began servicing Neste Lietuva petrol station network, we provided fuel to 10 petrol stations, and currently we service all 75 petrol stations belonging to Neste network in Lithuania, as well as provide fuel for Neste Lietuva wholesale customers

Aviation caught my attention when I was choosing my Master’s studies and it completely drew me in – studies, tasks in aircraft maintenance, connections all around the world, aviation competence growth. Since February 2012 I started working like Ramp agent, I tried my best to gain in-depth field knowledge, as well as do my job flawlessly and professionally. It did not go unnoticed – my opinion was being taken into account, little by little I was being more and more involved into „Baltic Ground Services“ operations, I started working in shift supervisor position. I kept improving, got acknowledged by management and was invited to change my position from production sector to the deputy of head of ramp services department. Since January 2018 I keep improving my competences as a manager and continue on growing together with the company both locally and internationally. I believe that in the near future, with the right team and the right choices, we can expand our field of operations across the globe and provide first-rate services. I was, I am and I will continue on working with this goal in my mind.