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Rail freight transport

Company is the owner of railway rolling stock – general-purpose open-top wagons with hatch.

The company offers:

  • Short-term and long-term lease of general-purpose open open-top wagons with hatch –  for transportation of coal, ores, rubble, rolled metal products, woods, etc.;
  • Multiple freight forwarding services in transportation of cargo; 
  • Involving of additional units of rolling stock for specific cargoes upon the customer’s request;
  • Operative supervisory monitoring on the movement of wagons;
  • Organization of roundhouse and current repair of railway rolling stock. 

The services provided in:

  • Ukraine

The possibilities of rail freight: 

  • Feet of 366 open-top wagons with hatch
  • Railcars are capable of carrying up to 60 t 
  • Railcars were built no earlier than 2008

Contact us:
Tel. +380678420919