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BGS is an international provider of ground handling, cargo and full-freight handling, aircraft fuelling, de-icing, NORDIC DINO aircraft washing robot, liquid ADR logistics and training services as well as IT solutions. BGS support over 70 domestic and international air carriers in 28 airports. The companies operate in 13 countries throughout Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

International teams of BGS service over 8 million passengers and perform 190 000 turnarounds each year. The companies also provide more than 500 000 tons of aviation fuel and completes over 18 000 de-icings annually. With over 100 own tank trucks, each year BGS transports over 400 million of litres of petrol and other liquid ADR for non-aviation customers in the Baltic States, Eastern and Central Europe, Scandinavia as well as the rest of the region.

In 2008, BGS became the first in Europe and one of 10 world’s ground handling companies to be awarded with the ISAGO safety and quality certificate for ground handling services. The company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and is also a member of IATA’s Ground Handling Council (IGHC).