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NORDIC DINO – the world leading aircraft washing robots

A clean aircraft projects a picture of efficiency, safety, and success. There are many benefits of a clean aircraft such as lower fuel consumption, extended paint life and fewer corrosion issues. The NORDIC DINO robots, a computerised and self-contained system purpose built for washing aircraft exteriors. The system consists of a mobile power unit, spray nozzles and rotating cleaning brushes powered by a lightweight remote control that permits safe and simple one-man operation.

NORDIC DINO meets the requirements for washing aircraft exteriors and incorporates safety features designed to prevent accidental personal injury and aircraft damage.

NORDIC DINO is a reliable, since 1983 we are the world leading producer of robots for aircraft washing. We are proud that we can help both commercial airlines and military customers to improve image, reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact.

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Nordic Dino NB   
Our smallest model has been designed specifically for narrow bodied aircraft such as B757 or B767. The washing height is 8,5 meters. It works perfectly in combination with our larger models on any wide body aircraft.


Nordic Dino WB ​
This model has been specially designed for washing B777, A330 and B747, but works well on any wide-bodied aircraft. It also has a three-arm system and can clean the top of B747 aircraft. The washing height is 11 meters.
Nordic Dino XWB ​
The largest model is designed for washing wide bodied aircraft such as the A380. It has a three-arm system with a longer under arm and shorter top arm to reach over larger wing areas. The washing height exceeds 12 meters.